Transition Area

What is the Transition Area
And What Happens There?

Only athletes will be allowed in the transition area.  There will be a transition team to help all athletes with setting up their area.  The transition team will also transition all 5-8 year old athletes.  This will help to make the transition area safe and fair for all athletes.  We ask that all athletes enter the transition area at the south entrance near the post office with bikes, and transition gear.  The transition area will be CLOSED to adults at 7am.  After 7am athletes will be escorted in by volunteers to get their transition area set up.  Please note there is only one area to enter the transition area.  Please click on the highlighted transition area to see a map of the area.

In the sport of triathlon the Transition Area is like the hub in the center of a wheel with the swim, bike, and run like wheel spokes. The athlete passes through the Transition Area twice in the event. In the Transition Area the athlete moves from swimming to biking and then from biking to running.

Every athlete has a spot in the Transition Area (by age-group) where his/her bike, helmet, shoes/socks, shirt, shorts, towel and other needed stuff is located. The triathlon begins at the pool. Following the swim the athlete moves to the Swim In entrance to the Transition Area. The athlete will find his/her spot, and he/she will remove any swim equipment such as goggles, and quickly dries off and puts on what is needed for the bike ride Bathing suit removal is not permitted.

Athletes put on shorts and a shirt over their bathing suit with their race number pinned on in advance. Some athletes just put on a shirt (with number) and ride with bathing suits instead of shorts-over-suits. The athlete takes his/her bike and (walking the bike) exits the Transition Area following the sign that says Bike Out. The bike can not be mounted until the athlete passes the Bike Mount Line, which will be clearly marked. Bike helmets must be worn at all times while the athlete is in contact with the bike, even when dismounted.

After the ride the athlete returns to the Bike In entrance to the Transition Area. The athlete must dismount the bike prior to crossing the Bike Dismount Line. Then (walking the bike) goes back to where his/her equipment is located. The bike is placed in the rack, helmet and other riding equipment is removed, and the athlete prepares for the run. Generally young athletes ride their bikes in their running shoes so after removing the bike stuff they are ready for the run. Runners may jog to the Run Out sign in the Transition Area, watching for bikes and other runners. The triathlon finishes at the end of the run near the transition area.

A few notes on the Transition Area:

  1. Get to the race so that your young athlete can set up their area in the Transition location. Look for signs designating the age-group of your athlete. Locations are not reserved but there will be enough for all athletes. The race starts with the oldest and progresses to the youngest so there will be racers in the Transition Area when you are setting up. Please be courteous to them and stay clear.
  2. Bring two towels, one of which should be old. Put the old towel on the ground beside the bike at your child’s location and place his/her race stuff on it. The other towel is for drying after the swim. It is recommended that you have a full water bottle there so your athlete can grab a quick drink before exiting the Transition Area.
  3. The time spent in the Transition Area counts on the overall time so it should be as fast as is reasonable but not so fast that your athlete forgets to put on the helmet or ties his/her shoes. We will have volunteers in the Transition Area to assist athletes so we ask that parents stay out for the safety of the participants.



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