Bike Volunteers

You may want to bring a lawn chair so you can sit down during lulls in the action.

Volunteers on the bike and run course will be given a flag to wave at the participants in order to catch their attention on the course. This will be one way to keep each participant going in the right direction.

On the bike course, bikers should bike somewhat close to the curb unless they are passing another biker. Pass other bikers on the left and yell “left” so the biker knows someone is passing him/her. Volunteers should remind bikers to pass on the left.

On the bike course, bikers must have a helmet. Any biker not wearing a helmet must be stopped immediately. (Hopefully, “no helmet” will be caught in the transition area.)

Feel free to yell words of encouragement. An athlete likes to hear positive comments and enthusiasm along the way. You cannot overdo your show of excitement!

Please clean up the area that you have been assigned when the triathlon is over.

Be very VOCAL! Help the kids stay on course! We do not want to disqualify any child if it can be avoided. If you cannot keep them on course (the child takes a short cut or turns early) and you can’t get them back on course, you will need to write down their number and what happened to disqualify them. The coordinator will come by and pick your notes up at the end of the race. Paper and pens will be supplied by the bike coordinator.

If you are positioned on the road, you must watch traffic and keep the kids safe. Don’t be timid! Stop all traffic at intersections until the intersection is clear. The roads will not be closed during the race.

If you are on the bike course, please bring a broom if you have one to sweep gravel or other debris from the turns on the course. This will help keep kids safe while taking corners on their bikes.

If you have time, and can stay around to help clean up/take down after the race, we would greatly appreciate it!!!

2017 Oregon Kids Triathlon

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